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Student Life

Life @ SC

Student life at 边境上大学 involves everything that is not athletics and academics. 这听起来很简单,但它真的很多:居住生活, meals, health services, clubs, 社区服务, activities, 艺术等等. 在下面找到更多!


  • 倒数日子

    By Deanna W., Grade 11
    你知道我们离夏天还有七个星期五吗? 这包括本周和休息时间. Seven Fridays. 事实上,已经过去了35个星期五. 我知道,因为我数过. 周五对我来说是里程碑. Every Friday that passes is an accomplishment because it means I somehow got through another week of math class.
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